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Michelle Beeton

"I have lived in Vernon since 1979 and love the community. I have been in consumer finance and mortgage lending for 23 years. I am very creative when putting mortgages together. Your home is the biggest purhcase you will make. You need to trust the person your are working and make sure they have your best interest at heart. My clients are NUMBER 1. My goal is to make sure my clients are comfortable with the process. I will also assist my clients to become financially secure and help them meet their financial goals what ever they may be."

Looking for the Top Mortgage Broker in the Okanagan?

Michelle Beeton at Kal-Mor Mortgages can help.

Buying a home, whether for the first time or the seventh should be an exciting time filled with anticipation. But factor in rising prices, bidding wars and varying availability and the thrill of it all can be easy to miss! M goal is to help create the best, low-stress home buying experience.

An independent mortgage brokerage, not committed to any lender, My commitment is to my clients and to offering them the best service while delivering the very best mortgage rates.

For both Residential Mortgages and Commercial Mortgages I provide expertise and insight while our diverse line-up of lenders delivers great rates for borrowers of all types.

You Can count on Michelle Beeton for fast, all-star service, pre approvals, answers to all your mortgage questions and, of course, amazing rate options.

When Results Matter!

The decision to take out a mortgage is one that could affect you and your family for the rest of your lives. That is why when you are looking for mortgage brokers in the Okanagan, you need to find one who will give you personalized attention. I can work with you to get you a rate that is ideal for your needs and can more than many typical banks. At a bank, for instance, you may only be given a few mortgage options to choose from, typically 2 to 4.

I have the skills and passion necessary to do all of things a bank cannot do for you, and more. This includes customized service, with different mortgage options. I can offer this for you because I work with one of the leading Okanagan Mortgages offices. With access to 80 different lenders and strong relationships with most lenders and insurers in the area, I thrive on providing clients with mortgage services that are readily accessible.

Regulations, laws, and programs regarding mortgages can change over time. That is why working with the right Okanagan mortgage broker like myself will make you aware of these changes when I believe they can benefit you. I am committed to you and have a desire to provide enthusiastic support throughout the whole process.

Our Clients Word

“Michelle is a fantastic broker! This was my first time buying a house and she helped me through every process. She fought for better rates, helped me find a lawyer and answered all my "what do I do now?!?!" texts!! I would highly recommend Michelle. Thanks for all your help!”

— Carline Fowler

“Michelle is the best broker in the Okanagan! She will guide you through the whole process looking out for YOUR best interest!”

— Brad Jespersen

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